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Parallax Web Design

An entertaining

Information Design and Development (IDD) is a unit of Sony Computer Entertainment International with staff in the US, UK, and Japan. They support the information needs of PlayStation® developers, publishers, consumers, and employees, and provide information products that are an integral component of the product lifecycle, from hardware development to the release of finished goods to consumers.

They needed a creative and interactive microsite to act as a portal to their existing intranet. The challenge was to provide an interactive design using animated jQuery to convey a message of unity and collaboration, while still being intuitive and fast to load and providing a unique user experience.

IDD needed a site that impressed. The design had to meet quality assurance for those who had little time to browse, and yet deliver a portal to extensive supporting documentation in a clear and concise manner.

Power it up with

We went for some clever icing on the design cake: Parallax design and scrolling. Parallax scrolling involves the background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page. Done well, it can look really spectacular and captivate site visitors immediately. On top of the site architecture, we used jQuery and CSS to provide interactive content that would wow the audience and prompts them to act.

As ever, it’s all about the ultimate goals – so we worked very closely with the team at Sony IDD to establish clear design, business and technical objectives and then keep them firmly in our sights during what was a very creative and cutting-edge design process. We produced wireframes, briefs and prototypes to ensure the project was a success.

A site you just have
to play with

Modesty prevents us from saying that we came up with a design that was truly remarkable visually, producing not only an incredible impression of depth but also a much more involving experience for the visitor.

Oh dang, we just said it!

We’re very happy with how it’s turned out. Very cool! Great—thanks very much.

Kennan Rossi, Senior Manager, Information Design and Development (California) Sony
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